Welcome to beads & Basil

I’m Shannon Smith, owner of Beads and Basil. I am an avid cook, teacher, jewelry designer, and globe traveler. I crave new experiences and opportunities and also love to teach. I decided to let that passion take me all around the world. Traveling to over 45 countries to learn about unique cultures, food traditions, and explore jewelry trends. I strive to learn from local food experts and chefs. It’s important to me to experience cuisine from every place which I visit so that I can truly understand regional food techniques and ingredients.

Beads and Basil was born from my love for teaching, cooking, creating jewelry, and traveling. I spend most of my days devouring cookbooks like they're romance novels and preparing recipes for the cooking classes I teach. When I travel, I often teach women all over the world how to make an income through cooking. I also carry jewelry back from these travels with the hope that I can turn what I find into works of art. I want my work and experiences to be as authentic and as memorable as possible.