Pull Up A Chair. Take A Taste. Come Join Us. Life Is So Endlessly Delicious.
— Ruth Reichl

I really didn't learn to cook until I was well into adulthood.  I was much more interested in sewing.  But a friend invited me to a cooking class 15 years ago, and I was hooked.  Since then, I've taken loads of cooking classes, including many all over the world.  I read cookbooks as if they were romance novels, and scan the internet endlessly for cooking tips, recipes, and food facts.  

My son once asked me, "Mom, why do we always have to have feasts? Can't we just have macaroni and cheese?"  Well, I don't always cook feasts, and I make a mean macaroni and cheese.  I think when you love to do something you should share it.   For me, it's sharing my food and my knowledge about it.  That's why teaching cooking is really my passion, and the rewards are countless.  

Watching children hold their chef knives and chop onions for salsa is a real treat for me.  But the phone call from their parents telling me that their children made dinner makes it all worth while.  Teaching people of all ages about cuisines from around the world can be so exciting, especially when we're using spices and tools I've collected from exotic places.  Although not everyone enjoys cooking, most won't refuse my food.