Scrambled Eggs with Artichoke Ragu

Scrambled eggs is one of my favorite foods in life!  I think it’s a great way to use leftover sauces, meat, vegetables, cheese, or almost anything.  My artichoke ragu recipe is the most delicious and versatile recipe in my repertoire, and here it is in scrambled eggs!

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Potatoes Bathed in Filfel Chuma

On one of my trips to Israel I learned to make filfel chuma, a hot sauce of Libyan Jewish cuisine.  It has so many uses for cooking!  I make a batch of it and store it in a jar in my refrigerator.  You can spoon it into soups, sauces, over grilled meats and vegetables. 

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Chile and Coconut Green Beans

This is my all-time favorite green bean recipe that takes me back to one of my favorite countries, India.  The chiles and cumin provide a warm spice to the dish, and the coconut cools it all down.  It’s a perfect vegetarian dish, and if you make it for your friends and family, they’ll be begging for the recipe.

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Fruit Galette

Making pies can be intimidating if you’re out of practice.  I think galettes are much easier.  They’re more informal, allowing the grace of not looking perfect.  Plus, you can eat the slices with your hands without any mess. 

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Orange and Fennel Salad

I first ate this salad in Morocco, but then had a similar version in Israel, which is an example of how similar these two cuisines are.  The worst part of making this salad is segmenting the oranges without any pith, but the result is so beautiful. 

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Cabbage & Fruit Salad

I love making this salad in the fall when pears are in season.  It’s also a beautiful salad to serve on a holiday buffet table.  You can really add any fruits and nuts you want, but try this version first and see how well you like it. 

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