Spanish Deviled Eggs

What makes these deviled eggs “Spanish”?  The Manchego cheese and smoke paprika!  I like to use both hot paprika and sweet smoked paprika, but you can use just smoked if you prefer.  These are a real crowd pleaser, so don’t expect to have any left over.

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8 large eggs. hard boiled and shelled
3 tablespoons grated Manchego cheese
2 tablespoons Mayonnaise
2 tablespoons cilantro, chopped
1 fresh red chile, minced
1/2 teaspoon smoked paprika (plus more for garnish)
salt and pepper

Cut the eggs in half lengthwise, and using a teaspoon carefully scoop out the yolks into a bowl.  Smash the yolks with a fork until smooth.  Add grated cheese, mayonnaise, chives, chile, salt, paprika, and salt and pepper (to taste).  Spoon the filling into the egg white halves, or alternatively spoon the filling into a small plastic baggie.  Cut the bottom  corner of the bag, about 1” off.  Squeeze the filling out of the cut opening into each egg white half.  Arrange eggs on a platter and sprinkle with more paprika.

AppetizersEvan Wei-Haas