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Spicy Indian Wings

I love the flavors of Indian spices with yogurt.  The tamarind syrup adds a depth of sweetness that makes this marinade perfect for coating any meat or fish.  But, spicing it up and coating it on wings is the perfect appetizer or snack!  I prefer to use wingettes and drumettes instead of whole chicken wings since they’re much easier to eat with your hands (Indian style).

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Southwest Spicy Wings

The American southwest has some of the best cuisine in the U.S.  I collect dried chiles and powders to make my own versions, including this dry rub for chicken wings and drumettes.  If you don’t have ancho and chipotle powders, you can substitute with other chile powder, but I highly recommend getting fresh ones from Santa Fe, New Mexico. 

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Caribbean Jerk Wings

The flavors of the Caribbean are welcome any time of year in my kitchen, and this jerk paste smeared all over chicken wings will start a party in your mouth.  You’ll want to use this recipe for larger cuts of chicken (or whole chicken) to grill outside, but try it on wings cooked in the oven to serve a crowd.

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