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Peach & Almond Salad w/ Head Country Apple Habanero BBQ Sauce Buttermilk Dressing & Spicy Croutons

I can’t decide if I like the salad dressing the best, or the croutons in the salad.  I have to make a double batch of the croutons because they’re such a good snack, and I can’t save enough to go in the salad.  If you’ve got those summer ripe peaches, this is the perfect place to put them!  Head Country Apple Habanero Bar-B-Q Sauce is in the dressing, while Head Country Sweet and Spicy Seasoning is on the croutons.  Need I say more? This is the salad of your summer!

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Head Country BBQ-Battered Chicken Fingers

One of my favorite foods is fried chicken, especially chicken tenders.  I rarely make them myself, but when I do I use this recipe, and they taste better than any restaurant!  Head Country Original Bar-B-Q Sauce is the secret to these tasty tenders.  Not only is it in the frying batter, you can dip the tenders in extra sauce later. I use a heavy iron skillet to fry chicken since it gets perfectly hot, and cooks everything evenly.  After frying these tenders, you could cut them up and toss them in a salad made with Head Country Bar-B-Q sauce in the dressing.  That’s just double delicious!

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BBQ Chicken Pizza made with Head Country Sugar Free BBQ Sauce

Pizza doesn’t have to take a lot of time to make, and it doesn’t have to have traditional toppings.  That’s why I love this Bar-B-Q chicken pizza made with my favorite sauce, Head Country!  In this recipe I use Head Country Sugar Free Bar-B-Q Sauce, but you can substitute any of their tasty sauces.  The smoked cheese melted on top is a great pairing with the sauce, and will make your pizza party an event everyone wants to attend! 

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