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A Taste of Wanderlust

I arrive at the home of Shannon Smith, known around the Tulsa food scene as a top-notch culinary teacher—a chef ‘s chef, really—who travels the world seeking out gastronomic techniques and flavors. Tonight’s dinner is hosted by Test Kitchen Tulsa, a sort of Fight Club for foodies where members are invited to a secret location to sample the food from the finest gourmands in Tulsa. Tonight, Smith is combining her role as chef and instructor with that of world traveler, as she takes us on an around-the-world epicurean affair. Click here to read more.


What's cooking? Q&A With SHANNON SMITH

Shannon Smith is a jewelry artist, world traveler and cooking instructor. She has taught cooking in Tulsa for 16 years, and travels the world teaching and learning different cuisines. Read the Q&A here.