I love looking at photos in magazines of pristine kitchens with polished granite, fresh flowers, and a sleepy cat curled up on the bar stool. My kitchen, however, is a working kitchen with piles of cooking magazines, notebooks, bags of spices I’ve brought home from a recent trip, dish towels that won’t fit into the drawer, and coffeepots brewing most of the day (I have three.) There’s always a dishwasher whizzing away (I have three of those too.) Polished granite only happens if there’s a party or photo shoot coming up in the next 15 minutes. I admit I did a little tidying before taking these photos, but the tidying was long overdue. Someday, I’ll photograph some other nooks and crannies where my cooking toys abide, but for now this is what I’m willing to share.

I’m quite proud of the spice drawer with spices from all over the world. My friend, Barbara helped me with that project recently, and it was great fun sniffing, tasting and remembering the exotic places from where they came.

The #cookbook case is just a smattering of the books I own. I’m working on finding a new place to display the rest, but these are the ones I refer to the most.

I have an obsession with #bowls, and I collect them from many places. I also get them for gifts, which I love. I’m a firm believer that one can never have too many bowls!

My kitchen is the heart of my home, and my happy place. I hope you’ll visit for a class, bite to eat, or a cup of coffee. And if you need any reading material about cooking, I can help you with that too. Just don’t expect to find any cats sleeping on the barstools, but if I know you’re coming I’ll polish the granite.

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