Pendant With a Purpose

I get a lot of requests to make jewelry pieces for special occasions, but this one was the most unusual yet. My friend and his wife are both world champion triathletes. His wife had a hip replacement twenty years ago, and continued to swim, bike, and run through hundreds of competitions, earning many metals and trophies. However, after twenty years, it was time for another hip replacement.  

My friend asked me to make a pendant from the hip joint that had been in her body for those twenty years. This beautiful porcelain ball sat on my workbench for months while I pondered how I could make it into a special piece of jewelry. I'm a certified Precious Metal Clay artist, and I decided to get out my pure silver clay and work some magic.

After molding it into a cap for the porcelain ball, firing it in a 1600 degree kiln, and polishing it multiple times, I was ready to adhere it to the hip ball.

I hung the finished pendant on an oxidized silver chain, and presented it to my friend to give his wife for Valentines Day this week. The look on his face showed he was quite pleased. My husband thinks I could start a new business making jewelry out of worn out body parts, but I think I'll leave that to someone else. Meanwhile, if you see a beautiful woman wearing a porcelain and silver pendant, you'll know exactly what it is!


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