Summertime Entertaining Made Easy Featuring Head Country BBQ

(This post is sponsored by Head Country BBQ. All opinions and words are my own.)

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There is no better way to gather with friends for a summer dinner party than with a table full of tasty food! Summertime is my favorite time to bring friends together outside just before sunset when the heat subsides, and there’s a nice breeze. I have many summer traditions, but dinner parties by the pool in my backyard have to be one of my favorites. Head Country BBQ Sauce is often on my summer table, even when it’s too hot to fire up the grill. I keep a collection of Head Country BBQ sauces and seasonings to use in a variety of recipes that are perfect for a gathering of friends. Since I entertain in my home many times a year, I’ve got several tips for making an enjoyable and stress-free experience for my guests, and especially the host….me!

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Head Country sauces and seasonings made the prep for this dinner party easy and most importantly, delicious! To start, I made a green salad with a buttermilk and Head Country Original BBQ sauce dressing; and to top it off, I made croutons sprinkled with Head Country Sweet & Spicy Seasoning. Both the dressing and croutons were made the day before the party, which saved time the day of the gathering.

Hosting tips:

  • Be sure to have your table linens pressed and ready to go on the table days before your party as this step can be time consuming. Choose the tableware and glasses you plan to use, and make sure they’re clean and polished.

  • Purchasing expensive flower arrangements for centerpieces is not always necessary. Make simple arrangements with herbs, twigs, or flowers from your garden. Place the greens in mix-matched vases or mason jars that you have in your cupboard. Add unscented candles in between center pieces. Always use unscented candles on the dinner table as scented candles interfere with the aroma of the food being served.

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  • Ensure you have all of the ingredients for the beverages you plan to serve, and make sure they’re chilled and ready to pour when your guests arrive. Don’t forget to make sure you have enough ice in the freezer to fill each glass, or pick up a couple bags of ice from the convenient store before the party. Garnish each beverage with citrus slices, edible flowers, or colorful stir sticks. If you’re serving wine, place an ice bucket near the table to make refills convenient.

04_ Head Country Pizza.jpg

My next recipe is a BBQ Chicken pizza made with a pre-baked crust, Head Country Sugar Free BBQ Sauce, rotisserie chicken, onions, and smoked cheese. This pizza can be assembled an hour before your guests arrive, and popped into a hot oven to heat just before you are ready to serve.

05_ Head Country Chicken.jpg

As for my guests’ and my favorite, BBQ Chicken Fingers made with Head Country Apple Habanero BBQ Sauce in the batter. Although I haven’t met a Head Country BBQ sauce I didn’t like, this Apple Habanero sauce is definitely the best BBQ sauce I’ve ever had… and I’ve tried a lot of BBQ sauces. This chicken tender recipe is by far my favorite tender recipe I’ve ever made, and I’m confident that it’ll be yours too! I like to fry the chicken tenders thirty minutes before my guests arrive, and keep them warm on a baking sheet in a 250 degree oven until I’m ready to serve.

06_ Head Country Table 3.jpg

“Dinner parties don’t have to be fussy and stressful as long as you plan ahead.”

I’ve made it a tradition to host at least one party every month during the summer. Sometimes it’s a small group of girlfriends, and sometimes I invite dozens of guests. I always make sure that no matter how many guests I host for dinner, no one every leaves hungry! Head Country BBQ Sauces and Championship Seasonings make entertaining easy and delicious, and I love the endless ways that I’m able to incorporate their sauces and seasonings in my cooking.